Friday, August 22, 2008

Killer on the loose.

First of all apology from me, post of Penang day 2 not ready yet, pictures not collected yet.

Toki will onli be release once in a blue moon.

Something bad happened today. There is a hit and turn back to save its life day.

This is the killers car.

There are 2 specialist here. Squatting down is a future doctor and killer,Aden and the one next to him is a Pharmacist, Julian.

This fella is seeing his patient slowly dying, i was there, Aden couldnt do anything.

This is what happened....

Aden was driving skillfully back to Julians place, when he reach a damn long stretch of road, he starts to speed,

There were flock of birds on the road trying to get away, but unfortunately one did not escape in time....

Tis is wat is see from inside, the bird gave 2 middle fingers to Aden.

It took its last breath and went to a better place... we saw it taking its last breath...

Feeling guilty and sad... he let out his expression... i think its a mix reaction on his face tats why i dont know wat kind of expression he is doing.

Although he is a killer, Adens a good killer, he took the bird to the side of the road and made a cross for it so that Gods knows where he can find the bird.

All of us gave our last respect to the bird, Aden try to defend himself by saying...

The birds are challenging each other, who can fly pass the car in the fastest speed.....

Neway, went to watch Wall-E in Gardens GSC Signature and its FREE. Got it from Evonnes company.

Makan Sushi Zanmai for the first time, nice and affordable. (comparing to Sushi King)

Movie was enjoying and touching. Gsc Signature seats is comfortable and meant for couples. MUA HAHAHAH

Before the movie i have already bought the figures, Wall-E and Eve. They were cute couples, like
Reeeeeeeeeemy and Eeeeeeeeevonne.

and hint hint Eve is selling out fast, becoming rare cant find anymore Eve figure in Mid Valley accept fot the big mine in Subang Parade.

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