Monday, August 11, 2008

Pokok Pinang Day 1 (half day)

Let my toki rest abit, but i let all see my gundam update.

can transform wan oh.. now i left the legs.



Went to Penang recently. Using a perdana V6 tat can go up to 180km per jam (onli wai know wat it means) M3, Julian, Wai, Yuk Dai and Nana take off at 7am. KONON said 6am no one can wake up. Ah Wai drove.

we stop at Bidor, dun ask me where is Bidor, Stop there for brekkie.

Tis shop sells alot of traditional biscuits but NO tats not our reason stopping in Bidor.


Then we change driver, Wai says he is tired, so Julians turn to drive.

as for M3, i need to do work, cant even rest on my holidays.. CIZ and also being the dj for the trip, playing songs from my iTunes.

sampai this 2 fella so lam. Yuk Dai also lam till gone.

4 hours later.... sampai my mac batt also dieded

we finally reach PENANG ! Jus in time for lunch

Julian drive till ngong ngong d.. and he still needs to drive us around Penang coz hes a penang lang. Onli he knows the way...

First thing he told us is.. road bully here are the motorcyclist not the cars.

Ok, we reach our very first Penang stop. Some hawker restaurant.

First thing that is different from K.L. Wan THAN mee.

We order char kuey teow mee, ecoomy rice and also chee cheong fun. Best was char kuey teow mee coz it uses duck egg to fried. Then chee cheong fun uses a different sauce, they used Har Kou(black sauce u pur in laksa),as the sweet sauce. SHIOK !!

Next, ChenDUL, a hot weather jus rite for it.

Nearby the chenDUL shop, there is a market tat sell suan suan (sour sour) i dunno wat its called, i jus call it suan suan.

alot of variety to choose from, really makes u damn confuse. But one thing is for sure, flies are in their dream land, flies everywhere !? So GELI

Oh.. Zapper kills alot but still there are hundreads flying around.

When we look closely onli we found out, these are actually BEES !!!

Bees are safe, they dun step on poo. So its alrite. All the bees are having a great time there, sampai drunk.

but we dont care... shopping je. Stick to our objective.

Later on, Nana is a fish lover so Julian brought her to tis super giler mega keng chow 3 storey fish store. Sells all types of i never see before fish. Small to big. Ugly to beautiful. Cheap to Mahil.

but onli get to take tis pic inside... security very tight, straight away come n say EI NO CAMERA !

Dint get anything but Julian caught a mermaid home with a net. N he loves it so much.

TEA TIME within 2 hours. YES right before we even digest the lunch we head to another place.

Tis shop was at the road side and it teaches you some hokkien.

we ordered

Popiah with crab meat

PENANG ASAM LAKSA but M3 no craving for laksa. M3 dunno how to appreciate.

Mee goreng

and apom balik which dont taste great.

Thats how we spent our first half day.


our party became bigger, to BATU FERINGGHI !

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