Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hidden Treasure.


Nana. Ah Wais gf. We alwaz introduce her as. Nana sir name Ber. Many dint get the joke, alot actually, dont know u guys reading get it or not. Neway her real name is Joanna. sir name dunno.

Was going through my cupboard looking for my old mini gundams. They were all in my cupboard for a very very long time.

Found them easily along with some other unexpected stuff.

Treat them like gold last time but now i look at them and i see lots of guinea pigs, i can now test on them before i start my Unicorn Gundam.

But the main thing tat surprise me was tis.

Do anyone of you remember tis house ?

surprisingly the house is in good condition and the figures in.. colonel in different attire representing the countries.

My favourite.. Japan.

Even all the cards are still in one piece.

went ebay and tis is wat i get, but mine not really in tat new condition.


i found this 2 fella.

but not very happy with them even i found them.

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