Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Penang End of Day 1


Tis is Yi Xiang. He has tis super goat beard.

After the asam laksa we went home for a rest. When i was about to fall asleep, Julian say its time to the beach.

and we drove all the way to the beach in batu Feringghi.

Ken was waiting for us there, he is also a Penang Lang but half Penang half Taiping. So on tis day onward we will have another apprentice in our trip.

at this time of the year we will start seeing ninjas around.

and then i recall a picture i saw in Ah Wais room of nana doint this pose. So i call Nana to do it wit me Mayb ill secretly swap tis pic with the one in wais room. HEHEHE.

wats a beach without ball rite, lucky we bought a rubber ball before we came. The net on my face as a mermaid was actually the net for the ball.

so we played beach soccer

Nana got a few candid shots of us while playing.. not nice

not a good sight

and when the ball flew to the bushes... PAO KE LIOU

After that, being a tourist place, there are alot of activities you can do here, like parasailing, banana boat, horse riding, buggy riding and jet skiing.

And we chose jet skiing. RM70 for 20 minutes. 2 person shared a jet ski.

Ah Wai and Nana.

Me n Yuk Dai.

Wat happen to Julian? he dont wana play coz he has no partner and Ken doesnt want to go into the water.

but there is a price to pay... my favourite pants thorn !! after the jet ski.. dunno how it happened.

My famous pose.

after seeing sunset, we went back.

Around 9pm we come out again, tis time for dinner,

went to tis road side hawker center.

Yes makan lagi, we ordered

Lor Mee

Har Mee

Siu Kai Yik ngo chi sai chung yi sek

Not so nice otak otak..

Chow kueh kak (fried carrot cake) looking at this normal fried carrot cake i totally thinks tat K.L fried carrot cake is no longer worth eating especially the ones in pasar malam.

keep on taking picture, i think people might think we are from the press or from ho chiak LOL.

but the truth is we really eat till damn high

high and nice view, tis cute little girl was sitting next to our table, and she is nodding her head when a shops plays music.

and she gave me a flying kiss when we say bye bye to her. HAHA

Feeling full and satisfy, its time to get back our apartment.

near where we park there is a chinese opera performance going, and this is one modern one... jus look at the digital boar on the side of the stage, they are actually lyrics to wat they are singing.

but not too canggih, music are played live. Thought they will have it played with a mp3 player..

Off we go, when its time to sleep Nana took out this

Hello Kitty pillow with a zip on the side, ask her wats the zip for and she say unzip it and see.. and so i did

CANGGIH !!! it spread out a transform into a blanket .. CANGGIH... i mus get one !! but not hello kitty.

they were all watching Zohan and couldnt last til the end of the movie and we all went to bed...

And tats how we spend our first day in Penang.

More fun stuff happened on the second day !

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