Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Penang Day 2 (Still Not Ending)


Celeste, china doll hair.

At last i got the pictures from Julian.

Tis post will definitely brighten up you memories during childhood.

After the swimming session, my wish came true, ive been bugging Julian to bring me to the Toy Museum.

but though i was the onli one bugging him, but i think everyone wants to have a visit there too.

and so we paid Rm10 per person. Funny thing is, alot have ask us are we Singaporeans, coz if you are not local u have to pay EXTRA.

When i saw tis, i know tis wont be a boring museum. A monsoon long kang.

There are loads of amazing toys. Let me introduce them to you wat they have inside.

Storm Rider, the first thing we saw.

Then we came to this corner which they display all the toys with horror theme.

they have Night before Christmas , and the one on top dunno wat isit. Hellsing something like tat, cant remember wat it is.

Superman, Biker Mice From Mars... !!!

Baja Hitam, VOLTRON !!!

Dragon Ball, Pokaimon

Sailormoon, Spawn

The Mask, Jurassic Park

See told you they are enjoying themselves, really observing all the details of the toys.

Doraemon, Monster Inc.

I have the POWER .......!!!! He-Man, The Incredibles

Gypsy Babi, Star Wars

Nsync..... WOOT i dint know they have figures of themselves, then Ninja Turtle.

And we start talking how we love them when we are young. At a point it came to a conclusion that when we were around 5-6 years old, we were all in Yaohan, the one in OUG, same time and day, M3, Julian and Ah Wai was there when the Turtles pays a visit.

Marvel toys, Mr Bean ? .... and alot more. But not onli toys , they also have Statues of our Heroes,

Kens Indiana Jones

Julians Tomb Raider

Nanas Shrek

Ah Wais Batman

Yuk Dais Supermariam

Julians Silver Surfer


My Spider-man

Dint know Nana likes Spider-man too. But in a different way. Spider-man also starring at here where she is touching.

But also they have lots more statues.

Recommended, those who visit Penang do pay a visit to the museum and bring back your inner child. Might release stress.


Jessica said...

aaahh. to me, that is the BEST kasumi sculpted ever!!!

and in the last picture, is that ayanami rei from evangelion?

Jeremy said...

haha to me its the biggest on earth. lol

and yes the blue hair girl frm evangelion... LOL

Jessica said...

got even more bigger sculpted pvc also. but damn kau expensive.

O.M.G. damn ugly. what a disgrace to rei. and it doesn't even resembles her except for the colour of the hair. even the hairstyle doesn't look alike. i wonder which version they sculpt after.

Mary said...

Good post.