Saturday, August 16, 2008

Penang Day 2 (Half Day)


Ah Yeh cant remmeber his real name (haha) , been calling him Ah Yeh since form 5. LOL

Hi sekalian, tis is day 2 happenings in Penang.

Tis is where i stayed.

Woke up early in the morning to have breakfast, like 8am, its been awhile since i have a proper 8am brekkie.

Julian drove us to the market and we pass buy a damn lansi pharmacy, super lansi wan all the pharmacist inside.

reach the market, young adults like us anymore geting up so early for brekkie , all we see are old folks. LOL

Breakfast is very important to humans so we eat wisely and ordered

Curry mee

Fried carrot cake AGAIN. Tis time better n nicer.

Kuey Chap, some mix intestine.

When i order it i ask for dry, and the lady was staring at me with one kind look, i look blur awhile and then i say gip me soup then.When its served onli i realize there is no soup or dry, it needs to go with the sauce.

the kuey teow is not flat but round cylinder shape. Interesting.

We also had Dry Ipoh Kuey Teow. DRUMSTICK and it cost less than RM4.

some nyonya kaya kuih.

Nasi lemak.

and apong again.

tis time with banana filling. SHIOK !!

Selepas dinner we head home to our apartment, feeling full. Sure put on some weight and we decided to go for a swim.

Rooftop. Swimming pool is on the rooftop.

Its hard to go in the water at first, damn cold leh.

but once u went in n swim a few round, jump around, nipple erect abit, the feeling of coldness i lessen and its time to do some stunts.

The day before all of us were watching Zohan and LMAO when we saw tis scene. And now we decided to imitate it.

My Zohan kick.

all of us decided to do it our own way. Here is Julian. Grabbing his crouch.

Ah Wais erm... dunno wat isit but nice

Yuk Dais bend it like Beckham.

Kens super black belt kick.

M3 again with heading diving. LOL was doing summersault.

all together and tis pic remind me 4 years back.

when we were at the same place 4 years ago in Penang.

Of all the stunts, the most dangerous act is as above. Watch the video and jugde it urself.

Too much energy wasted and we decide to stop and head back to our apartment.

And bath together... WOO HOOO, of course Yuk Dai bath alone.

but after all the fun it turn out to be a disaster, my gift from my dearest, was filled with water. Damn piss coz it got loose when they change the batt.

And tats how we spend our second half day. Next...


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