Sunday, November 16, 2008

Robert Zai

lala.. been missing for some time, hehehe

went for a holiday, erm erm busy busy here n there, takei day n nite.

Where i went... SABAH !! i conquer Sabah. Well ppl might say SABAH ?? such a boring place, well i think its kinda boring even some Sabahans agree with me, but...

because we found the best tour guide there, nothing is boring and only fun and laughter. Introducing 2 pretty tour guides, SK n SF.

A random pic. Well im not gona blog bout this rite now. But soon.

Looking at my title, Robert Zai, it has nothing to do with Sabah, its jus one of my family member.

OKU SAN NO (japanese name)
Robert Zai (all other language)

Wat does he do ? Well he is actually a self motivated vacuum cleaner. U jus press a button and he will go around the house sucking up rubbish (like Mo in Wall-E)

not onli tat, sometimes if Robert Zai gets to high he might do things he cant.

Stack up papers

fold clothes... and many more.

Now lets meet Robert Zais other family member.

Robert Mei. She has to take care of Robert Zai, so wat she do is restrict Robert Zai from going places when she was there. Like a security.

Robert Pa, a useless stick. He is a powerless Pa. We never use him, was suppose to control Robert Zai but Robert Zai is all grown up. Cant control him anymore.

Robert Zai is very hardworking, everyday he will come out and get his job done, he hurt himself crawling under sofa, table chairs... so somtimes

i will let him play with my PS Zai.

But whenever Robert Zai needs some love and exhausted, he will turn to Robert Ma. Robert Ma will then give him his energy back with love.

Sh... pls pls dont tell the Robert families there are more of them in the market, i want them to feel special.


Jessica said...

wow yuu bought that! saw it when ppl do promo but my parents didn't buy because quite expensive? not so sure.

is it good?

Jeremy said...

haha ok ok la not bad quite clean but get stuck easily need to jaga it abit, but it really does a great job