Monday, November 17, 2008

Sabah, first time first day

Meet Amber, not Chia, but Amber Toh.

Ah tohs Cock a Spaniel dog.

and the evil side of her, Sa Pei Toh.

ahaha.. ok tat was abit of a sudden and random. but neway

Sabah aku datang... !!! Tis is my fisrt time there am very excited, wonder how the place will look like... cold, hot, autumn, spring, snowing... have to go find out myself.

So took my first step into Sabah... feel like a Sabah Virgin. I shall call myself Sabahgin. So everything i do here is my first time..

First pic i took, a number plate.

First bird i saw, white bangaulike bird.

First hospital i saw, tats where sk n sf works.... but sad to say the building is collapsing. veli veli dangerous... walls cracking...

First hawker center i went.

First fried kuey teow, asam laksa, prawn mee, fried dumpling and also the very first shocking RM2.50 chee cheong fun !!

First fren we made, sf mom. Very frenly and nice.

First mansion we visit and also the place we will stay.

First dog i befrended, Kinky.

very frenly and alwaz watching over me, for a reason...

mayb i smell like a bitch, alwaz hump me,


because he is so hansap i decided to show u all his weenie.. hahaha let Kinky malu.

During dinner we went for italian

nice and satisfying, my first dinner in Sabah.

First shoppin complex we went, One Borneo, nowhere near One Utama but still looks something like a small Mid Valley. The best u can get in Kota Kinabalu.

while waiting for the movie to start, first Starbucks, and meeting the first Jeremy in Sabah.

First movie in sabah, Madagascar 2. Enjoying and entertaining movie.. too bad few of them was so sleepy they slept in the cinema. HAHAHA. Not gona say who.

So this is how we spent our first time first day in Sabah. Now that i am use to the environment in Sabah, nothing is first time for me anymore. Went back to our mansion, pack our bags and prepare for the next exciting day, going to KK mountain... (kaki bukit je)


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