Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sabah 2 Not first time anymore.

It was cute at first getting hump all the time, but it gets frustrating when he keep on doing it, so have to teach Kinky a lesson

I ROTAN HIM !! hahaha no la, jus takutkan him so tat he dont come near me.

Off we go to Kaki Bukit KK, but before tat need to makan KK famouse Ngui Chap (Mix Beef Noodle)

Tershioks when makan. Abit different frm KL. But Sedaps!

After makan we head of to our destination with this car, and our tour guide has already plan and get a driver to drive us up.

Hours of sleeping a knocking each other on the head.. we finally reach. Kinabalu Lodge. This is the reception area, took our key..

Get a map jus in case, coz this place is kinda huge..

and WA LA ... !! the place we are going to stay in for a nite.

First bed room.

Second bedroom with double decker.

Kitchen area.

and the living room. Ok after we settle down,

off we go to explore this beautiful place.

i brought along my NINI with me, hehehe NINI NINI NEN NEN.

stop at a sign for a few poses

very nice pose.. very believable.

and we keep walking keep walking,

enjoying the views, breathing fresh air..

seeing Astro advertisment.

and we came to this place where we decide to go for this jungle trail.

No one was prepare for this so we have no proper attire, tried to make ourself comfortable coz we know its not gona be easy with jeans.

It was relaxing, and my NINI is still with me coz i cant find a rubbish bin..

but wats to come was unexpected, the trails are getting tougher and it was raining in the morning and the trails is slippery

start to feel tired and foggy,

250m and still no rubbish bin, NINI still following me.

was wondering where will this trail lead to, we even found out there are tiger claws on the wooden trail..

less than 100 meter to go but it seems tat it will lead us to nowhere,

tats where we start to get worried, hahaha well actually we are jus thinking whether we should turn back or jus keep walking keep walking. I took out my slippers liou coz too slippery.

cannot tahan liou, walk n walk n walk and all we see are trees and leeches, haha so we called up the reception desk to ask for directions.

Survival Tip : take picture of the trail (hahaha) so u know which trail u are in and easier to ask for directions.

we felt relief when we know we are on the right trail, jus tat the trail will lead to another trail and come out from another exit.. PHEW...

victory pose surviving from the confusing trail, and hurray to NINI for being so strong.

But kita punya kaki semua sudah kotor kotor muddy muddy, ada orang splat mud kat jeans dia sendiri summore.

no matter how much i like NINI, still she needs to rest in peace... sniff sniff..

the trail we took was quite long.

but non of us was attack by tiger or leech, we came out alive unharm unscratch.

Still can pose mini twin tower.

whats next ? MAKAN ! damn hungry we have not eaten our lunch hahah, jus when we are walking back to our lodge our driver Madison (i call him Medicine) came n off we go to look for food.

well someone was so tired she slept while waiting for the food to arrive, and we make a fort in front of her.. hahaha

OH OH SPOTTED Bambis potential mom !

After Lunch/Dinner we went back to our lodge.

watch Astro, Oprah (woo hoo)

Lighting up the fire place, but actually its useless, dont feel the heat at all, mayb its jus for decoration, hahaha

or to scare away Hantu.

After Oprah we ate Maggi and played daun terup. I kalah teruk and kena punished kau kau.

kena dance, but then tis is not funny, i have a rare clip of toh kena punish, will post it upon request. I will kena smack by him kau kau.



Jessica said...

omg the pictures of "man at work".. LMAO.

Jeremy said...

hehehe hebat kan