Friday, November 28, 2008


Lets finish this up once and for all, day 4 n 5 combine.

Eventually day 4 is a relax day.

I was challenge by Toh to go out like this for lunch.. i freak out in the end coz tis is way beyond the principal of badut.

Lucky i comb back my hair if not i wont have peace enjoying my super Pan Mee.

Went to 1 Borneo shopping complex again,

and we watch Quantum of Solace, erm... tis movie ah.. i never like James Bond, no comment.

And during dinner time,

We pegi New York makan. Restaurants name.

The interior of tat place i quite nice. Once inside the restaurant i terus transform into a new yorker d. LOL

Food erm.. okie la for the ones on top, but tats not the main reason we are here.


And tats how our day 4. Pretty Relaxing.

Day 5, farewell day. Leaving nite, back to KL.

Woke up, branch time, went out makan.

Yu Chap (mix ikan) mee. FIRST BITE... orgasmic. LOL. Missing it d.

So nice tat even when i poke my fish ball with the chop stick... prak !

Lunch finish.

Oh yeah, Sf was not with us cos she has to work, so... bisen is sad, ugly sad.

We pegi jalan jalan around the city area,

Reached tis super pasar, sell all kinds of blings blings, drums, wooded face, etc etc. But u can jus got to one shop coz the rest sell exactly the same stuff.

thats when M3 n Toh had nothing to do walk around enjoying the scenery and saw tis kid. Not onli one but all of the kids were pushing these big ass cart.

A moment of silent for both of us, realizing again how lucky we are.. compare to them.

OK back

We pegi beli lah dried seafood, all we got was keropoks and dried shrimps. It was told that its cheap here in Sabah.

Buy stuff also can make friends.. haha

soon after , we balik yo yo, coz we want to try their toast garlic butter bread which we dint get to try on day 3.

macam shiok rite

ooo lucky we dint miss it, its another must try food. HAHA but actually u can do it at home if you want. We are jus lazy.

Time pass, we are about to leave, went back our mansion, writing love messages, someone is missing tat someone.

Pack our bags and off we go to fetch Sf from work n terus shoot to the air port.

MANATAU DELAY ! Kena tunggu tunggu, ate KFC. chit chat chit chat.. laugh laugh

gay abit, then its time to board d... and so we leave Sabah.

One thing i found out about Sabah is, Muhammad Ali's spirit is in Sabah, Dun believe me..

See ! Sk was throwing punches at us. She has a Muhammad Ali in her.

1st punch, THE UPPERCUT - will greatly damage the opponent till their eyes roll back.

2nd punch, I CANT SEE YOU PUNCH - opponent stun by the sudden attack from below.

3rd punch, ANGRY PUNCH - a fierce one, opponent might get broken teeth but tis one has a tough one.

4th punch, THE MHMPH PUNCH - looking as if nothing happen but the blow might dislocate ur face

and one last punch, the fifth punch together with Tohs punch. Its call THE CHAIN REACTION PUNCH - tranfering the damage from urself to ur opponent... highest skill of all.


sf said...

LOL sk likes to punch ppl.

Jeremy said...

haha memang hebat puncher.. so many skills lagi. AHAHA