Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somewhere Out There

Dunno whats wrong with me, haha been looking for old songs nowadays, but i cant seem to get them, pss pss.. KW u know what to do. HAHA

Here is something i betul betul like, alwaz wanted to watch tis movie again, n suddenly terlisten in, all the memories come back.

was release in the year 1986... i was onli 1 years old, hm... how come i know this movie, i think i watched it in nicks place n immediately fell in love wit it, when we are older.

A cute version from the movie scene,

And from power singer...

Isit true that nowadays singers seldom do duets love songs, or isit jus me not knowing any, wait there is one (dunno consider love song or not), No Air, Air.


Jessica said...

now that yuu mentioned it. i just noticed there's not much of love songs duet now. all we got is those hip hop/rap with one fella featuring another.

Jeremy said...

yea rite , so its not me not knowing much songs, ingat my songs knowlegde is outdated, hahaha