Monday, November 24, 2008

Sabah 4, pulaus

Okay Nick, back to eng now, hahah but i had fun writing in malay LOL

we planed to go snorkeling, woo hoo but first sure have to fill up out stomach, we makan pork noodle, kesedapan yang melampau sikit.

Then I dint know, gardenia actually come out with carbonated drinks, n their spokesperson is damn hand in the some.

It was a very hot day, even toh cant stand the hotness.

after we reach the hm.. wat u call it, i shall call it Boat Stop, lol bought our tickets and wait for the boat to arrive.

they even have a futsal court in tat boat stop area,

when the boat arrive, we were given our super tiny life jacket and snorkeling gears.

Off we go, we are going to Pulau Sapi and one more Pulau Nama Sudah Lupa.

its really beautiful there, white sand, not much rubbish scattered.. water not 100% clear but still visible.

too bad cameras not water proof, saw alot of fish squids, and these are not frenly fish, they keep on attacking you so u have to learn to punch them in the water.

shocking thing was there were sharks, bloody big ones

toh was running for his life when he saw it..

but actually it was jus me, we found this super big plank of wood lying on the shore..

toh use it to smack ke le mau me.

time to head back, boat came n off we go back to the city.

Reach home, rest awhile, and off we go for dinner

Makan japanese food, Wagamama its called.

Food was ok but not great, but toh never likes Japanese so he dont like it. LOL.

went home again and relax, tis time really relax, i was trying the massage chair frm Ogawa, damn hebats n shioks.

And after tat once again off we go for minum malam.

went YOYO cafe, they serve bubble tea, puddings ice creams and some toast bread.

Nothing can go wrong in those drinks and deserts rite, they are all nice.

After YOYO we decide to go to pay a visit at one of the government servant in QE Hospital.

Stop by there to see how government hospital works in KK.

Sk was doing nite shift tat day, she was so into her movie tat she dint realize we came.

Tis is actually how it works in order to get medicine.

1. Ring the bell, take a ticket.

2. Sit and wait and wait for your turn.

3. Complaint to them why isit so long, they will say dunno. LOL.

4. When its ur turn, u are already half dead.

5. But still u want the medicine coz its damn cheap.

So sometimes u feel like u wana cekik the government servants but its not their fault. hahaha

But neway nowadays its not tat bad anymore d la in government hospital. All baik baik bagus bagus d.

Next, shopping

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Jessica said...

haha that picture where toh hit yuu with the plank looks quite real! esp the way yuu fell back. if toh had bend his body forward, it would be more like it.

and the process of getting the medicine... rofl. damn free to take these pictures.