Monday, August 30, 2010

Farewell Mama Adeline.

The Mama of our office has finally left us, we have to be independent now.

The only Mama in our office that help us improve in our english and writing. The only mama who sometime buy us nasi lemak, ice cream or keropoks.

She is finally leaving us. The last day was normal but cant guarantee how it feels to lose someone u see everyday in office.

Had a wonderful meal cooked by Alfie for Adeline. So much of nasi lemak tat we have to eat it for breakfast and lunch, but tat was our last lunch in office with Mama Adeline.

Once you are gone, there will be no accessories anymore to be decorated on me, no more hi pitch coughing and the worst of all there will be no more sex education or sex magazine for me to read.

You will be missed dearly and not to worry, once in awhile u will b imitated. ngek ngek ngek. Thanks for everything. sniff sniff

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