Friday, August 6, 2010

Revenge is Sweet

Facebook is evil evil evil, hahaha u can post watever u like there so is my blog.

I know its not Sf fault, its definitely Tohs idea, the phrase of the sentence rhymes but then sucks !!

It says.

Jeremy = Funny, No Jeremy No Funny..!!

my friend is jeremy.. he's very funny but fatty & sometimes he's horny & smile like bunny

I wan revenge i wan revenge.

Ciz ciz. ROAR !!! change FACE !!!

Shit im addicted to face swapping LOL its very fun

Ive tried on my own pic... later toh say i bisen

Evonne's face angle abit off, hahah angle not ngam susah. More to come. Couple swapping face.

Im sorry Julian i found a damn goo angle of you both

From tis pic to

tis... the pics i did i cant stop laughing...

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