Sunday, August 15, 2010

Move move move !!

Watched Expandables and Love in Disguise. Expandables was like 5 Rambos and very loud explosions, but tat did not stop Toh from sleeping in the cinema. The jokes were abit forceful to me. Love in disguise er.. typical love story but still I got lum by the story. NICE.

Okie tis was my room last month,

And tis is my current room, im officially moving out, no more puchong, nope not gona be Julians neighbor either, but Im staying near his place.

Gona miss it but not for long hahah need to get over it,

becoming emptier and emptier each day, echo of our voice start to be louder and louder.

and i hate it because we are the ones that are moving all the furnitures, but one thing is when u start to move your stuff you found alot of long forgotten stuff, and u have those dilemma to throw or to keep,

found a few of my works which brings back alot alot alot of memories.

those hard but happy times while doing all my assignments, so free and easy,

when u are the client, the director, the designer and you, u jus listen to opinions but u dont really have to follow, those are precious moments,

those time when you are so sick of figure drawing you jus simply draw and pass it up,

or those time when ur form is high u came out with great stuff,

or even took the challenge to draw yourself.. LOL one thing lead to the other, i was trying to look for the reference pic for the figure i drew and i found it,

haha its so long ago, this was the reference i used.. time flies everyone change, some still stay close with you, some are jus your hi bye frens, or some even dont know who u are,

i was browsing those college pics we took, i felt.. abit sad and those memories its jus memories they jus came back to me,

the pics reminds me of so many stuff so many friends i once had, those time when i got my first kiss from a guy.. sorry Toh its not you...

those time when u still have time to learn drum hahaha no la i jus put the pic for fun,

those time when u have so many time to kau liu,

those friends that you dont jus see on facebook but you see them like everyday,

everyone is so close to each other,

i jus wana take tis opportunity to tell all of my friends, wherever you are, thank you everyone for being my friends and i really mis those time we spend together, no matter who you are or what you are, all of you will alwaz be a part of me, making me who i am today.

sniff sniff so emotional.

not to forget my secondary mates.. Thank You everyone for giving me such a memorable life, hehehe

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