Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tooshiba 25th Anniversary

Another event for Toshiba Notebook. New laptop launch.

it was held in Rootz, and its my first time there, nice scenery.

But the weather for that day wasnt very good.

with our hard work,

and our determination,

we will fight till the end... but how determine or strong we are, it stills rain

taking pic with the Models and Emcee makes me look so tiny.

but tat day abit bad luck... its the first time i drop my lense but lucky, lucky it was not broken, but i drop my flash diffuser. RM30 kau man !!

Dunno where it went, tracked back places ive been also tak ada... tulan. Forget it la.

The performances for that day

magic show.. interesting but if you watched the AXN the magic reveal something like tat u might know some of the tricks.

chicks singing

ngam ngam tis year also my same age with Toshiba anniversary. But i got no special gift also. haiz..

then when there is spare time me and Owen went into girls toilet for some photos. LOL.

Tats thee end of the tiring event and then.. it never stops there. We heard that Usher is coming to Rootz after his concert.. but we kena con, we stayed for the midnite party and then bill was on my company LOL

Its fun when you dont have to pay for anything and just party !!

things got abit wild

and wilder

and scarier... but no worries

all the action are jus for stress releasing purpose, nothing of the pic is real, its jus optic illusion, like how England's goal against Germany.

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