Monday, August 16, 2010


Finally i got my chance to visit i-City.

wanted to visit this place for a long long time, wooo hooo

introducing from left to right, Joyce, M3, Toh, Jeong Min, Ji Yeun, Evonne, Julian and Leanne.

First stop was the indoor man made winter lighting room, hahah i shall call it tat, have to pay RM2 per person, buts its worth it

why coz its not onli nice but got AIR COND !!! shiok shiok.

why are we here u ask ? to take pic la of course mua hahaah

Toh wanted to find out if the snow is real, so he did a blowjob to the tree branch. And its fake.

Then right beside the snow lighting area is the man made china wanabe summer indoor lightings.

tried to be like Bollywood went inside the tree hide under the leaves, please do not do this,

look at my face.... the trees are very very dusty.

everyone getting ready to dance, hahaha no we dint, crazy meh, it was a saturday there are full of humans there.

A new member for Fahrenheit, see im in the poster i blend in.

According to Ji Yeun tis is Najib. LOL.

And after the indoor thing we went outside and wow... its so beautiful really really beautiful, but because its so crowded its not beautiful anymore.

See what i mean when its not nice when its crowded, imagine if we are still using film.. sure tulan hahah so i purposely flash oh her make her go blind but i missed. LOL.

A request from them, wanted to make a face swap.

speechless hahahahaha.

tis is a nice place to visit really beautiful, but isit contributing to global warming ? as long its beautiful its not rite LOL

In this kind of romantic place u have those urge to do romantic stuff,

inspired by a long long ago pic, hahaha

See.. told you u want to do some romantic stuff. Kissing ur frens gf.

Here are some burst shot we took with a tripod.

took alot of these burst shots and it was tiring coz we were moving and jumping doing lots of shits.

so after the whole nite we went makan nearby. Its a fake Kayu Mamak.

Im so thirsty i dont care if its a real Kayu or not hahah i jus wana drink and eat.

it was a fun trip and yet tiring.

even we guys cant resisit the romanticness of tis romanticful place. LOL. Best shot for the trip, gay but beautiful.

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khaifei said...

So gayyyy the last pic ..

and julian,despite being gay, toh is also JT ..dont b a wayne bridge dood. ... muahaha ..