Monday, August 9, 2010

New Sets Of FACE OFF

Addicted to the face swapping thing. HAHAH jus enjoy and see whether they look like your friends or uve seen them somewhere or not. LOL.

My Bro n Toh

TA DA... !!

Me and Evonne again

Have to use back Evonnes real mouth on her face coz my mouth is close abit susah.

Then things got abit more interesthing when i show my colleague in office and we dcided to swap each other face, well most of it are me with my colleague.

2 Jeremy !!!

HAHAHA feel like punching my own face.

Me and Chee Howe.

I look like one of the ex colleague in my office. Got tis face swapping inspiration from him, Brad.

Me and Jakun

My face on Jakun damn gay Ah Gua max.

Did a bit more daring stuff, face swap with Alfie.

hahahah Looks like malay liou.

Then Me and Stella.

Stella very tomboyish while my face... Ah Gua with Mona Lisa feel.

Even tried with 3 faces.

Indian, Bawang (the taiwanese singer in PK) and vietnamese. LOL

And tis last one i really LMAO.. i cant tahan, each time i look at it i will laugh like rite now while im typing.

Tony leung ? AH HAHAHAHAHA

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