Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JUICE party

Movie movie movie, Inception nice and interesting, Salt nice, Airbender graphic not bad acting sucks.

Few weeks ago got invitaition to go to MOS for the JUICE 8th bday.

So go and look look see see lo,

First time to MOS, dint know it was a no smoking club, not bad not bad, but still there are ppl who smokes in it.

And everyone had one copy of the JUICE magazine,

The theme for tat day is futuristic so

Brought a big ass glass to suit the theme, but it doesnt show any futurism at all LOL

and look who i met LYNDA !!! so long dint see her d, I also met with a few old secondary friends.

Here is a lesson im still trying to master, CK (guy in the middle) took my camera and went out, he said he is from some magazine company and when he came back, tons of chicks pic with him, hahahah not bad hebats.

They had some few performance, they even have tis fashion show, i find it abit adoi doi, its dark inside, how can they see the clothes..

found this pic in JUICE facebook, the event was abit boring actually, but i get to take pic with

er... this DJ dont know his name but i know his face, but my intention was to take the chun chick pic, LOL.

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