Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PD with new friends.

Went PD with a bunch of new friends... like i dun even know nay of them jus one...

You guys probably know who he is..

Yeap.. the guy with the middle finger Toh the fingering lou.

Here is a group pic of all the new friends i met.. mua hahaha.

The first thing we did when we reach our apartment is.. cook. The management says thanks to those who dont cook in the apartment, so i guess the message is not for us then.

What will we do with all tis food if we dont cook. After we boil the soup we went for swimming.

It was so crowded, with kids and kids and kids. But we dint care.. we join the kids.

I like this swimsuit, its so damn chun... whole body from top to toe wrap up. Jus need a tank at the back and u can go scuba d.

I dint take much pic during this trip coz i wanted to b in pictures tis time, but i dun have the pics yet so here are some pics i have...

Toh posing

Toh humping

er... tis is OP (his name) he was drunk.. kinda reminded of me when im drunk.. lol

Before we head home to KL we stop by a place near the Shell jetty for lunch.

and its delicious but I cant say its fantastic but yeah something nice you can eat in PD.

Oh ya not to lansi la... tis are my passengers for the whole trip la.. not to say im lucky la.. ok ok la.. LOL will have more pics soon when i get from Toh's colleague.

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